What Our Clients Say...


“Sarah gave my child the confidence to do her best each day. Whatever they worked on in the sessions has certainly changed her life.”
- Revere High School Parent

“Sarah has truly been there for me throughout high school at Revere. She is down to earth and understands what being a teenage girl is all about. I’m so happy my parents signed me up!”
- Revere High School Senior

“Sarah is really cool and I really like what I have learned. I feel like I can go to her with anything and she does not judge me or make me feel stupid. I can reach her when I need her and she always makes time for me.”
- Walsh High School Freshmen

“Our son has been coming to Sarah for the past year. Since then, he has stayed out of trouble and kept his grades up. You can’t put a price on that.”
-Highland High School Parent

"Sarah has a way of wording things so I don't feel like she is talking down to me. I respect and understand her opinion and I've felt more confident since seeing her."
- University of Akron Freshman

"Sarah is really nice and helps me with my homework and other school problems with friends. I look forward to meeting with her each week."
- St. Hilary 6th-grader

"My son has been seeing Sarah for over a year and it has been the biggest blessing for him. We cannot thank her enough."
- Hoban High School Parent

"Not only did my son improve his GPA, but his confidence significantly improved as well. I think he needed someone beyond just my husband and I encouraging him and helping him with school issues and homework. Thanks for everything, Sarah!"
- Copley High School Parent